Sunday, November 01, 2015

No escape from Potemkinland

Thought I'd take a peek at a TV series I used to enjoy, Bones. David Boreanaz. Anyhow, no sooner does the story start but we are introduced to super-competent FBI agent (Black female) and her eccentric and odd White male kooky assistant...and everyone is trying to get them into bed together. Plus, the doctor at the teaching hospital is a super-competent Black male.

And as we know, these kinds of Africans in America are legion...just like all the brilliant inventors and computer geniuses, etc.

They are only 1/8th of the US population, and with their average IQ of 85 --15 points lower than the White average of 100-- the percentage with IQs over 120 is tiny and their numbers tiny. So the media's lies of how the world is populated with their doctors and computer geniuses, etc. are part of the Potemkin strategy, to make us believe that their multicultural dream is possible,when it's not.

Plus, later in the show, the murderer turns out to be a Catholic guy who died briefly and discovered that there is "nothing" on the Other Side, so he killed the girlfriend who was the occasion of this discovery.

Every single program I have ever seen about people who come back from The Other Side has announced to us that there is nothing.


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-A said...

The left is really getting desperate with this shit, isn't it? They are practically begging you to still believe their bullshit. I can almost hear the "pretty please, with sugar on top" squeaking out of them reading this briefing.


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