Friday, November 20, 2015

Mr Donovan again

He has a way of sinking into my brain and has had quite a role in shaping my thinking over the years.

Currently, his wisdom:

No Tears For Strangers.

No Apologies, No Arguments, No Explanations.

Part of the scam of universalist humanitarianism is to convince us --and you know who you are-- that Strangers are in fact part of Us. Not so. Captured Nigerian girls are nothing to me. They are not #OurGirls. BlackVictims at Dartmouth or Mizzou are not My People; they are nothing to me but enemies. (Only an idiot believes that they think of us as Their People.) To imagine otherwise is to play a head game designed only to hook you into someone else's agenda. Don't let them make you care about their issues. In the end, they are designed to hurt you.

Once you have assessed the status of your interlocutor according to the Huntington scale, you know whether there is any benefit to you at all in engaging them in argument or explanation. If they are
closing in on Enemies territory, then you only attack and defend, never apologize --never-- and don't waste time talking to them.

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