Sunday, December 27, 2015

Moving on?

The new header pic is a copy of the one from a new ExCathedra blog on another blogging service. I have been toying with the idea, after nine years of very regular ranting, of moving over to something more focussed and streamlined and may just do it in the New Year.

If I do, I will post a link here for a couple of weeks to the new site, so that actual humans who read my infallible mouthings...or pixelings, really... can track me down.

The image is taken from a time-lapse video I saw recently. It is in the Italian Alps, the Sarntal, near Bolzano. The site is called The Stone Men in the local German dialect (it's in the German-speaking north of Italy*) and various stories about them say they are Celtic. At least the core of them are several hundred years old, although new ones have probably been added. They have the primitive look of very Old Europe.

And for reasons I have not been able to figure out, there is a Salem Cross planted in the center. This triple-barred cross has associations and resemblances (sorta like US Constitutional "emanations and penumbras") with the Papacy, the Crusades and Freemasonry...all undertakings of Western men!

The sun is either rising or's unclear. Which suits my purpose for a man of the Occident/ Abendland thinking of the future of his people. When I had an addition put on my older CelticViking shoulder tattoo a few years ago, it included the word Dunadan...which is Tolkien's Elvish for "Man of the West.

*Back in the 70's when I was a seminarian in Rome and my language skills were at their peak, I wound up as a translator during a tour of the Catacombs. The leader was speaking Italian but there was a red-headed Italian citizen there, a teenage girl, who only spoke German, so American me did the Italian to German translation.



-A said...

I will support you all the way. Are there more German speaking groups than the Lombardi? Anyway, I can't wait to see what you have in store for the new year, even if you just stick with this site.


Anonymous said...

I've pondered the possibility of acquiring tattoos on and off over the years. My only hesitation would be that my parents would be rather unamused if they ever saw them- in their book, tattoos are a silly waste of money at best, and an act of blatant blasphemy at worst (if God wanted people to have tattoos, they would be born with them). I think I would want to get something to reflect my cultural background: insular Celt, Briton, German, and Ukrainian (probably with a little Russian and Pole thrown in, but oh well). The four lineages always made me ponder the possibility of a latin cross with culturally appropriate symbols at each arm, but I'm not sure it would be appropriate for me to use a latin cross due to my rather tenuous claim to being a proper Christian. I'm pretty sure even mainline Protestants would have to brand me a heretic for my views on the origin of the species and Original Sin alone! To say nothing of my un-Christian fondness for the old gods, and all that man-loving.


OreamnosAmericanus said...

I took two years to decide and choose the image and did it for my 45th birthday. (My mother was furious when she saw it.) It's a composite image combining the Viking and the Celtic parts of my ancestry. It hurt like hell but I have never regretted it. Nothing to rush into though!

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