Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Various thinkings, Advent 2015

Adultery is a terrible idea. Helping guys work through it in therapy, either as the perp or the victim, is messy. God didn't list it in the Decalogue for no reason and Dante didn't make betrayal the worst of all sins for nothing. Sad to see all the ways in which it damages the soul.

The only reason, that is, the only reason certain people resist accepting IQ as a significant measure is because Blacks always do poorly compared to Whites. Not because Whites always do less well than North Asians or Ashkenazi Jews. Cuz if you take the IQ issue seriously, then most of America's "Black race problem" is insoluble and a galactic waste of treasure and soul. Silk purse, sow's ear.


I am grateful to all my ancestors and all the unknown White men (and a few others) who built a civilization where I can sit in San Francisco on a chilly dark December evening in a warm(ish) house, with a cigar and a shot of single malt and listen to Renaissance polyphony on the internet. Everything it took --and still takes-- for that to happen has been beyond the capabilities of most of the human race for most of its history. It really is the functional equivalent of a miracle.

Funniest line of the day.
Question: Women have a special gift called "women's intuition," so why don't men have their own special "men's intuition?"
Answer: "They do. It's called "common sense."

Our institutions and our media are corrupted because of the presence and power of women. Because they work and have money, they have purchasing power and so our businesses pitch to them, feeding their bottomless yaw of validation hunger, resulting in the vile Potemkin Village which surrounds us. They ought not be educated beyond what is necessary for them to be wives and mothers, lest they get jobs and money and ruin society. Over time their influence corrodes everything.

As St Jerome said in reply to the question of why women were not allowed to preach, "Eve preached but once and wrecked the whole world."

To be fair, fallen Man creates corruption like he breathes out carbon dioxide. But it's different. With men, we don't have The Hunger Games or Twilight or Keeping Up With The Kardashians or The View or Barack Obama. That lacuna alone is justification enough for eternal Patriarchy.

I've had a hankering for pasta alla carbonara. Decadent. And something the angels will never get to enjoy.

Pope Francis is still an asshole. Barack Obama is still a catastrophe.

My 40-years-younger-than-me trainer continues to wear me out at the gym. My gait is improving but Jesus he makes me feel like a grandpa. He gives me the same feeling I used to get ten years ago when I worked out at the Sonoma State U gym after teaching my class there, that he and I are not really the same species.

I have become an AltRight sympathizer for the same reason I left behind being a Liberal and became a Conservative: I really resent being required to serially lie about what is right in front of my face. If anything is NOT self-evident, it's that all men are created equal. (I do not doubt my capacity for self-deception, but that's my own flaw, not someone else's Naked Emperor ethical program.)


-A said...

I am sorry to hear about your knee. Around the middle of November, my computer fried, along with my laptop, and I have not been able to use the comment section of this site on my PS4. The damn thing just would not allow me to jump through the considerably massive hoops I had to jump through to comment. I have known about your knee and the slim silver lining of your trainer since you first posted about it. I have been reading your posts, too. Great as usual.

Common sense, in a sense, really is "Men's Intuition"! It's original meaning was the minimum amount of competence needed to survive in the wild and in the States, the Frontier.

Do you prefer Carbonara with spaghetti or buccatini? I generally prefer spaghetti.


OreamnosAmericanus said...


-A said...

Really? I was never fond of linguini. I don't like it flat, it always seems to have a weird texture (kind of like that translucent linguiniesque instant Pad-Thai) and it always has an odd smell whenever it is served to me. In my experience, however, Ivy Bars do not know how to prepare pasta.


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