Monday, December 07, 2015

Marxism, Groucho-style

He once said, I believe, that he would never want to join any club that would have him as a member.
Contemporary Liberals/Victims take the opposite attitude: they are most drawn to places that don't want them...and that they often proclaim, under other circumstance, not to want themselves. Picky.

An old friend of mine, a wonderful man, but, alas, an EastCoast Liberal, responded to a FB post of mine by saying that "White" was a difficult idea to clarify. Nope, sorry, dude. Not hard at all. It may be a little fuzzy at the edges here and there, but what human thing isn't? (I include Georgians and Armenians as extensions of EuroChristendom in Asia and I exclude, obviously, Gypsies and, less obviously, Balkan Muslims as extensions of AsianIslam). That does not make it unclear, just not inhumanly absolute. Which is the standard Liberals love to invoke when their pets or pet causes are involved. As in, "Well, not all Muslims are terrorists." Zzzzzzz. True. And insignificant.

Whites are the descendants of the Caucasian native peoples of European Christendom: Catholic, Orthodox and Protestant. Not North Africans, not West Asians or IndoAryans.

I notice that White/Liberals who find the concept of "White" complex and problematic never seem to raise it about the other races: Is "Black" difficult? Or "Asian" or "Latino?" Nope. How many Liberals would dare challenge Barack Hussein's self-definition as Black, even though he is genetically half-White?

My own therapeutic suspicion is that they react this way because the prohibition against White self-identity is so profound and too many of them buy the narrative of our unique moral depravity, aka, our unparalleled success. CrimeThink.

But I notice a funny after-effect, too. Some of them are like the gay men I know who are grandly dismissive of the merely social construction of some vague oppressive notion like "masculinity." Yet, if you tell them that they are not real men, well, that's another story. Boom! How dare you exclude me from a group I hate and which I think does not exist?!

My friend reacted very definitely to my defining Ashkenazim out of the "White" category. The Jewish homeland is, by ancient and universal self- definition, Israel, not Europe. Caucasian, yes, like Arabs and Turks.  Hence...outside my definition. White-ish, but not truly White. Real Whites are Gentiles.

His wife's family is partly Jewish --as is mine--and he found the notion that her "profoundly European" grandfather was not White "laughable." Apparently then, "White" is suddenly not so difficult to understand after all. And how dare I exclude his child's bloodline.

Our people are very confused.



-A said...

You got juice in the blood? The cross you bear is heavy. I have noticed what you have as well however, Latino is indeed very difficult to define because I do not understand what is supposed to be so Latin about mestizos. Also, you just can't tell these people anything. You cannot imply any kind of ignorance or any kind of marginalization that does not come from their own recognition which they can use to assume a victim mentality.


OreamnosAmericanus said...

Jewish in-laws. Sweet guys.

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