Friday, December 18, 2015


For a man of my sensibilities, it is very hard to find entertainment to watch that does not trigger me, that does not shout Pravda West.  Potemkin Village and White Erasure, wall to wall with Numinous Negroes and Phallic Females.

In The Expanse, ---aSyFy series, so you know the score-- I just watched a scene where the local head of the Mormon project of finding a new planet to colonize depends --get this-- on the uniquely brilliant skills of an engineer who, wait for it...African.

Cause as you know, the planet is just overrun with them and the whole Mormon church could not find anyone else.

The scene where the White Mormon elder relieves the African Genius of his lead role because of his ties to a terrorist "human rights" organization is vomit-inducing. Mr Numinous reminds him of the sins of "organized religion." Clearly meant to remind us of the LDS sin of not admitting Africans to their priesthood. Mr Ebonic tells Mr Paleface that by relieving him they will lose "all their best and brightest and most reliable". A renowned African reputation.  And then kinda threatens to screw up the flight in retaliation.

Lesson? Whites are never to be forgiven for whatever crimes against the (Liberal) Faith they have committed. Neither apology nor atonement nor amendment of behavior will ever be enough.

So my thought then is, why bother in the first place?



-A said...

To be fair, smart blacks is a rather weather worn science fiction theme and theory. It was just in politics longer than in real literature and cinematography because it isn't even interesting to begin with. It is a pity that such a (reportedly via marketing) visually stunning work would be wasted on pressing such pointless and even destructive wishes. Making a fake black scientist is not going to make one out of thin air.

I call it Pygmyalion: the story of a liberal author seeking to draft out a negro scientist from wishes and rainbow thoughts alone.

-A said...

Sorry, I forgot one of my signatures.


Das mah tag! Dis shiz iz mines! (ebonics rape!)

Unknown said...

The war on noticing human differences seems to have affected left/liberals trained in the sciences as much as those in less technical fields. When my ex tonight remarked to me that Iranian farmers are wasting water because they won't modernize, I asked if they did not know any better. He countered that he thought Iranians were bright because of his encounters with Persian coworkers in Silicon Valley. I had to point out that his was a skewed sample - and he agreed - but the intellectual carelessness he had demonstrated pointed to the PC-engendered unwillingness to apply scientific scrutiny to any aspect of human differences. And yes, he does enjoy the New York Times. Pravda West indeed. Sometimes I think that about 98% of androphiles are believers in the egalitarian religion.

-A said...

This is very true. However, this does not stop many studies being published challenging this view. There is even a study showing miscegenation has a higher risk of miscarriage.

As for the homoerotic preferring liberal ideals, with very few but very loud exception, most gay White men do prefer other White men. So do all of the other races, however.


OreamnosAmericanus said...

Equality is the fundamental dogma of our culture now and it's the rare person or group who would question it.

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