Monday, September 16, 2013

More Franciscan humility

Like Barry Soetero, Pope Francis is eager to exhibit his humility.


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Anonymous said...

I came to a realization: the ability to say that all gods are refractions or reinterpretations of the Godhead is one of the qualities that makes Hinduism amicable with all religions, except Islam, but all religions have problems with Islam. A post-Christian pagan could easily say the same thing as a Hindu, all gods are part of the whole, Yahweh is Brahma, and be honest. It would not be difficult to say that Jesus was the Twelve-in-One combined in human form, due to his apparent exhibition of all archetypes. Amusingly, even LeVeyan Satanism could be validated due to its emphasis on the self, who is, in many ways, a manifestation of some or all of the Twelve.

My sudden taking to these ideas, and a deep sense of rightness in them, shocks me. Has my long-present feelings of discomfort with Christianity been a prelude to a conversion to something else, to a brave new interpretation of what has come before? Am I to be some sort of Western Mohammed, setting the groundwork for a bold new creed that draws from the faiths I have known to create a new faith that will revitalize the West? A Western Hinduism that acknowledges all faiths, but provides another avenue for those dissatisfied with the old faiths, but want connection to them?

I need time to think this through, time to consider this. Time to take in council. Not even half a year ago, I was at a crossroad with Catholicism and departed from it. Is my purpose, my path, to depart from Christianity altogether and create something like it, yet different from it? Questions and thoughts that need time for pondering, which a college student does not always have a surplus of. Back to work, and then, thinking.


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