Saturday, September 28, 2013

Error has no rights

That was a phrase used by conservative Catholics of long ago as a rejoinder to those who wanted to have religious freedom in Catholic countries for Protestants and other misguided misbelievers.

How can an untruth have rights? That why, quite logically, when the Roman Empire moved from persecuting Christianity (from 64 AD on) to tolerating Christianity (313 AD) to institutionalizing Christianity as the State religion (380 AD), it naturally then forbade traditional paganism and closed all the temples.

Thomas Aquinas had no problem with penal sanctions (and worse) for heretics in Christian lands because he believed as fully in his religion as we do in money. He compared heretics to counterfeitors and asked, If coining fake money, which only harms your earthly pocket, is grounds for societal punishment, then why not heresy, which harms your immortal soul?

Our own society's Liberal religion is no less domineering than was medieval Catholicism.

The president of the Barilla pasta company recently declined to include gay families in his advertizing imagery, stating his attachment to traditional families.

The LGBTQs were outraged and shocked and horrified. The silly man apologized.

Why? Because error has no rights.

It has been the settled policy of the poor victimized bullied LGBTQs --a tiny 3.5% of the population, with gay parents-cum-children an even tinier percentage of that one--to assert that any disagreement with their demands du jour has no status whatever in any supposed dialogue or discussion about their "rights". There is no principled opposition, only evil and ignorance and bigotry and stupidity and h8.

Is that clear? So shut up and apologize.

Expecting to have a free dialogue with untruth is like questioning the universal equality of men and women, all races and all religions (except orthodox Christianity, of course, which is nothing but organized superstition and fascism.) Resisting gay marriage is like defending slavery; no decent person would even engage with such a monstrous idea.

As the reactionary Catholics used to say, Error has no rights.


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