Monday, September 23, 2013

More optimism from ExC

If I am correct*, and things in the US and the West are going as I think them to be going, I can't see too many alternatives, sometime in the future, to nasty violence.

Not that there isn't nasty violence now, which our masters do not want us to notice, but nasty violence from The Most Foolish People On The Planet (c). And if it comes to that, our worst enemies will be from our own people, as in the last Civil War.

It's either that or racial dhimmitude.


A good and longtime friend, a wonderful woman who just happens to be a Unitarian Universalist, is currently undergoing a week of Black victimist anti-White indoctrination on an organized Civil Rights Pilgrimage in Birmingham. Sorta like the Hajj for UUs. The UU's are an overwhelmingly White denomination which worships abjectly at all the altars of PC.

Weird how my personal relationships do not match my current politics and world-view. Present-day Birmingham is just one more piece of evidence about what the "civil rights" hoax has really turned out to mean, fifty years down the line in Obama's America.


*This is only a polite formality. I am Ex Cathedra. Of course I'm correct.


Anonymous said...

Weird how my personal relationships do not match my current politics and world-view.

Such as it was for me when I lived in San Francisco and Berkeley for 25 years.

- Bill

Unknown said...

How (or why)do non-Whites not call them on remaining an overwhelmingly non-White group? Any school or profession or neighborhood over 95% white would have long ago been called on it-imagine the Fire Department of NYC or Chicago or Boston or even Seattle that White and try to imagine them not being charged with racism.

OreamnosAmericanus said...

Oh, believe me, they obsess about it all the time and do affirmative action and tokenism, etc. and study "anti-racism", etc. They are the quintessential White Liberals, drowning in guilt.

The truth is that the character of the UU religion is extremely White, that is, bears the marks of its New England founding: dedicated to rationalism and proper behavior. It just has nothing to offer to people like Blacks or Latinos, for whom religion is mysterious, emotional and full of direct personal connection with God. UUs don't even necessarily believe in God!

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