Saturday, September 28, 2013


Experiences this morning of techno-idiocy.

The California tax office website does not support Google Chrome, which has an approximately 45% share of the browser market.

The New and Improved Google Maps no long has an "Add Destination" option to A and B. AND it's been disabled even in their Classic Maps.

Neither Google Chrome nor Windows 7 nor my Dell Laptop has an advisory question before you sign off, so that you can close the browser or even shut down your computer without wanting to.


Reminds me of the comment of my 2nd Year German teacher at Columbia. We had spent year one reading literature. He asked us about table conversation. We did not know the words for "fork" and "knife", but we did know the words for "speed limit" and "transcendance."

Vell, gentlemen, he said, you are all very impressif, but you vould schtarve to death.

Geeks transcend the basics.


So far, however, the iPhone upgrade to iOS7 has only caused Kindle problems, nothing else. Cyber fingers crossed.

bTW, ATT Uverse internet has speeds available of up to 24 mbps, but here in Tech Central San Francisco, at least in my neighborhood, only 6 mbps is available. In 2013. My mother, out in the boonies of Eastern Long Island, gets over 10.



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