Monday, September 30, 2013

The Solution Meisters

Liberalism is built on "problem" solving. For Liberals, and a lot of other naive or idealist people, there are no insoluble problems.

If they appear to be insoluble or intractable, it's just that the Liberal solution hasn't been applied yet...or correctly...or long enough...or fully...or liberally enough...or whatever.

Since Liberals all worship the idea of equality and profess to find inequality as the prime source of moral evil, their response to any inequality they dislike* is just to prescribe more equality. By any means necessary.

And Liberal solutions always require more law, with penal or financial sanctions, more bureaucratic regulation, more taxing and spending, and more energetic cultural reshaping of human nature and society against its grain.

And somehow, there are always problems left for Liberals to solve, an endless supply of "victims".

*There's lots of inequalities they quite like, but we aren't allowed to notice that.

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