Monday, September 16, 2013

Rock and a Hard Place

Wandering over the Net as I do, I sometimes, in the space of the same day, find myself reading both LGBT sites and all their PC/Newspeak obsessions and then RC "same-sex attracted" sites and all their depressing theo-psycho babble.

Two madhouses.



Where's your phone? said...
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Anonymous said...

The queers on JustUsBoys are ever so busy trying to deny that Obamacare will require full disclosure of sexual activity to your doctor, but still saying "Well of course your doctor needs to know if you're gay, that could affect your treatments!" No really, that's a literal quote. And now the conservative bashing has gone from "They want to know about our sex lives!" to "They won't let us talk about our sex lives with our doctors!" Can't have it both ways, folks. And apparently, wanting to keep your sexual activity to yourself means "your in the closet." WTF?

It's not happening, and yet it is happening and that's good. Conservatives want to interrogate you about your sex life, but they want to keep you in the closet. Anything to make themselves right and the other side wrong. Disturbing and maddening.


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