Friday, September 27, 2013


"The truth is that neither sex, without some fertilization by the complementary characters of the other, is capable of the highest reaches of human endeavour. Man, without a saving touch of woman in him, is too doltish, too naive and romantic, too easily deluded and lulled to sleep by his imagination to be anything above a cavalryman, a theologian or a bank director."


H.L. continues:

"And woman, without some trace of that divine innocence which is masculine, is too harshly the realist for those vast projections of the fancy which lie at the heart of what we call genius. Here, as elsewhere in the universe, the best effects are obtained by a mingling of elements. The wholly manly man lacks the wit necessary to give objective form to his soaring and secret dreams, and the wholly womanly woman is apt to be too cynical a creature to dream at all."



Anonymous said...

Women are the realistic ones?! Puh-lease! If that were the case, feminism would be the sister of Objectivism!

The idea that Man lacks innovation and imagination is foolish. Hunting, music and culture, farming and invention, education and science: all were (probably) created by Man. Even from a purely archetypal view of things, it's clear that Men made civilization. With contributions from Women, but the point stands: this is (was?) a Man's world.

Unless I am misinterpreting this article, in which case, please tell me where I'm going wrong!


OreamnosAmericanus said...

Have you read much Mencken? He is the soul of misanthropy and you can never tell if his compliments are insults and his insults compliments.

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