Friday, September 27, 2013

Revealing the obvious

A high Vatican official, a Black African cardinal, in a press release about the grave situation of ancient (and modern) Christian communities in the Muslim world:

He also talked about the difficulties of engaging Muslims on the issue, saying that because Muslims “believe they have the final revelation,” they often “don’t enter into dialogue believing they have anything to learn.” 
For instance, Turkson said when some Muslim nations wanted to press the United Nations to adopt a resolution condemning religious defamation, Christian leaders asked them to also support a resolution against religious persecution, but with limited success.

One of the many pathologies of the day: when conservative groups assert that they are not racist, no matter how they show that, the bien-pensants of the MSM don't believe it, but when Muslims show in both attitude and deed that, despite their PR statements, they are violent enemies of all non-Muslims, our moral and intellectual betters tell us that Islam really is peaceful.

The Narrative, above all.


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Anonymous said...

I'm starting to wonder if Catholicism, at the heart of it, is just too weak to be an effective religion in today's world. It's intellect is too busy formulating endless justifications of liberal doctrine to suit their purposes, its leaders are either hopeless liberals or weak conservatives, and it seems to be muddling along with all the vim of a geriatric man desperately trying to attract sexual partners a quarter of his age, who are all seeing "cooler" people. Orthodoxy is too politically and morally compromised. Evangelicalism is too intellectually dimwitted.

So how about it, Ex? The Thirteen are taking converts! I can't think of anybody better to be my St. Paul! :)


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