Friday, September 20, 2013

More papal bull

Jesuits have always baffled me. Lutherans make more sense to me. Hell, Buddhists make more sense to me.

Every time I try to find out what "Ignatian spirituality" is --after their founder, Ignatius of Loyola-- I draw a blank. I mean, I read the stuff and then look up and realize there's nothing in my head. They all seem very keen on it, whatever it is. I guess, fallen sinner and heretic though I be, I am still too much of a Dominican to "get it."

And the (extravert feeling type) Jesuit on the Throne of Peter continues that tradition.

After reading the breathless headlines in the MSM about his 12,000 word interview, --which basically say Pope Agrees With Us!--I found the original, in an official English translation. 

All I can say is that Francis the Talking Pope --a humble man who talks about himself all the time--has a real talent for misleading.



Anonymous said...

Ignatian spirituality is truly alien. Never in all of my years of Catholic education did I learn about it. It seems more like New Age babble than Catholic doctrine. How the heck did this tripe combat the Reformation?

Saw the liberal hubbub this morning. It irritated me more than Francis, whom I'm no big fan of. Arch-eunuch Chris Hayes tweeted: "If this keeps up, I might start going to Mass." At which point, my apostasy would be finalized and the Faith of the Thirteen would be open for business and accepting converts.

Somebody suggested that Francis may be adopting a kinder face to attract liberals to the faith, citing, "You catch more flies with sugar than with vinegar." To which somebody replied, "And then the flies get fat and start bossing you around." Francis said he is naive. Amen to that, your Holiness.


OreamnosAmericanus said...

Ignatian spirituality post Vatican II is a quite different beast from its traditional predecessor, I'll say that much for it. But even the old stuff --which was not gooey-- was beyond me.

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