Sunday, September 15, 2013


It's 11.45 PM and what I really want is a big piece of mincemeat pie with hard sauce, and a shot of peaty Irish single malt.

Neither of which, alas, is to hand.

Instead, I'm going to bed.

Buddha was right about that, you know, First Noble Truth thing.



Anonymous said...

The 7+5=12 Godhead arrangement may be blatant heresy, but from a Biblical standpoint, I realized that it works, in a way: how could the Godhead create humans to be male and female "in His image" unless the Godhead had both male and female aspects, and how could the Godhead be male unless "He" had more male aspects than female aspects?

Have you perhaps stumbled upon something here, Ex? Maybe you've unintentionally planted the seeds of the next great religious movement! ;)


OreamnosAmericanus said...

I'm not a pantheist, but I have always been pleased with the image of refracted light as a divine image. White light in itself is both invisible and contains all colors of light. Only when it passed thru a prism does its natural simplicity refract into the visible spectrum.

Were I a post-Christian polytheist, I'd see this as the primary image of divinity, where a non-countable Creator refracts himself through the created universe, including mankind, the archetypal realm being the matrix of the Gods.

In all of Islam there are one or two lines that are not problematic. One is an isolate hadith where Allah says, "I was a hidden treasure and I desired to be known, and so I created the world."

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