Thursday, September 05, 2013

Eco friendly

The people who are exquisitely sensitive to the intricate and interconnected balances of the "natural ecosystem" are the very people who think nothing of screwing with the human ecosystem on its most fundamental levels.

Environmentalists --and all the herds of Greenies who follow them-- are, in natural terms, radical traditionalists. Even libertarian anarchists. But when it comes to human beings, they assume that there is not human nature, no species specific traits for survival, that must be respected and nurtured; instead, there are no limits to their social experiments, programs and coercions.

Funny, huh?


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Anonymous said...

In this supposedly post-religious era, earth worship has returned with a vengeance. I recently read an article that examined ancient science, and discussed how imagination always eventually outstrips ability. When the discrepancy becomes apparent between the two, mysticism rises to explain the gap between what we think we should be able to do and what we really can do due to limitations of nature and our own understanding. Eventually, science is reduced to a religion of its own. Alchemists trying to turn lead into gold. Environmentalists trying to "save" a planet that has gotten along quite nicely over its 4 billion year life, and has survived catastrophes far greater than the one we are supposedly experiencing.

Scientist, study thyself.


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