Sunday, September 22, 2013

What Navy Yard?

In the aftermath of mass shootings (outside Black ghettos, where they happen every weekend), we usually have extended news cycles about the tragedy and the shooter's background and the need for more gun control, etc.

B pointed out today that the event seems to be over. Some muttering about the need for better mental health care but that's about it.

Ex Cathedra has a hunch about why the different treatment for the Washington Navy Yard massacre. The shooter was just a crazy Black guy. Not a crazy White guy.

Oops. Let's move on here.


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Anonymous said...

I think the sudden "move along" thing also had to do with the way the Media beclowned themselves as they screamed "AR-15! It's a HUMAN HUNTING GUN!" And then, the embarrassed silence as it was revealed that the murder weapon was, in fact, the most popular shotgun in the world- and had been bought after the perpetrator had successfully passed several state and federal background checks. Once the police reports revealed the Media's lie/presumptuousness, the Media could hardly keep carting it out.

Alexis' race may well have been a factor, in so far as he was not White and thus was not a member of the Mass Shooter Race and so broke the narrative, but I would not say it is the only factor.


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