Tuesday, September 03, 2013

One more step into serfdom

Christian bakers who refused cake order for gay wedding forced to close shop - Washington Times:

My contempt for queers who use the law like this is not new. Victim-tyrants. Shameful.

Can you imagine, years ago, telling lawmakers that if they include sexual orientation in their "human rights" codes that this would one day happen?

But of course this is the absolute unfolding logic of all anti-discrimination law.

When it comes to the Unquestionable Values --equality and redress of grievance by specially sanctioned victim groups-- there is really no limit to the Liberal State's reach and its highminded sense of entitlement to coerce.

The Supreme Court declared the segregated schools illegal in 1953, the infamous separate is unequal doctrine.  Eventually, the State got around to forced busing, requiring "integration." And we all know what an astounding success that has been.

Everyone knows that you cannot refuse to sell your house to someone because of their race. Virtuous, right? But on the same logic, what is to prevent the Feds --who have now targeted un-diverse neighborhoods for reformation-- from one day requiring you to sell it only to a minority?

Even though that looks, on the surface, like the way a medieval lord ruled his peasants, it's really the very opposite. You know, how a transformationally democratic nation sets about to redress historic imbalances and create a vibrant diversity among its empowered citizenry.

You know that forest of gallows I mention? I think of it a lot.

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