Wednesday, September 25, 2013


No, not some droll same-sex post.

I saw a link to a new show called King of Thrones.


Hmmm. Even though Game of Thrones is kinda clunky, I like medieval sword-and-castle dramas as much as the next guy, so I checked it out. A spin-off?



Here's the blurb:

"King of Thrones" follows Hoxie Homes and Remodeling, a northern Minnesota-based crew of contractors, carpenters and designers who’ve built a “crap-load” of high-end bathrooms featuring giant flat-screenTVs, heated toilets, body dryers and even shower jets for a dog. Led by Jeff Hoxie and his partner Dave Koob, the team will stop at nothing to meet their clients’ imaginative needs.

Just in case you don't remember grade school English: "a homonym is, in the strict sense, one of a group of words that share the same spelling and the same pronunciation but have different meanings."

Hey, I'm game.

PS. It was pretty good. Light-hearted. They built a high-tech bathroom with music, TV, full length body dryer for man, wife (and dog) and a Japanese toilet that will practically pay your bills and buy all your Christmas presents, plus --for a hugely obese and weirdly androgynous guy named Big Joe-- a portable outhouse, with murals, that you can sit in while doing winter ice-fishing on a Minnesota lake.

Civilization. A great thing.


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