Monday, September 30, 2013

Racial Rapture

In the egregiously sentimental 1949 Christmas film, It's A Wonderful Life, the guardian angel Clarence shows a suicidal Jimmy Stewart what life would have been like in Bedford Falls without him. Realizing his unexpectedly pivotal role in so many people's happiness, he puts aside his gun.

Perhaps the most useful way in which I have wriggled out from under the juggernaut of our culture's fraudulent Racial Narrative --Racist Whites oppressing Noble Peoples of Color-- is by doing my own thought-experiment version of Capra's movie: It's A Wonderful Race.

It's a two step process. First, you have to acquire some basic factual and statistical information about each of the four major race-group players in the US: White, Black, Brown and Yellow*.
As a group, what is their economic state (what is their wealth, where does it come from and how do they spend it), what skill sets do they excel at or show lack of aptitude for, what are their physical and intellectual endowments and achievements, how many engineers, skilled tradesmen, scientists, politicians, bankers, teachers, physicians and nurses, cops and military, business owners, etc do they have, what are their mating and family patterns, their cultural norms and values (real, not PR), what are their crime rates, educational and health trends, etc. All this is available online if you're willing to look for it.
Secondly, do what Capra did for Stewart: remove each group, one by one, with all their strengths and weaknesses, from the USA and then describe what unfolds in their absence. Sort of like The Rapture, but racial.

This gives you a sense of who they concretely are, as a group, by seeing the world without them, just as Clarence showed Jimmy. What changes? What's better? What's worse?

America without Whites. America without Blacks. America without Browns (Hispanics). And American without Yellows (Asians and Pacific Islanders).

It's eye-opening.

You can do it with sub-sets, too. America without Jews. America without LGBTQs. America without Catholics. America without Somalis.
Two objections have been made to this experiment. First, since Whites are still about 2/3 of the country --something that, were you to get all your info from the media, you would never know--- it is unfair to compare a big majority with minorities. Well, this experiment is about the real world, not some racially adjusted flat playing field abstraction. And anyway, if you took the N factors and made them into percentages and then made all four groups equal in N, you'd get similar results.

The second objection is that this obscures individuals and exceptions. Yes. But that's not a valid objection. Individuals and exceptions are statistically insignificant.
A variation on this game, which I outlined in one of  my longer pieces on "multiculturalism" and "racism" is to remove three of the groups and imagine a series of mono-racial societies. That makes it even clearer.

Of the several conclusions I have drawn from this Capra-inspired game, I will say only one, the one which cracked the grip of the dogmas both of racial equality and White-Black oppression. Given the real shape of these two groups --especially after 50 years of "civil rights" obsession-- White America is not the oppressor of Black America; we're the only thing holding them up.

The Narrative is false.

And the reason I focus on this so much, this most taboo-laden** and dangerously explosive of topics, is that, to mix cultural metaphors, my group, the White race, is committing hara-kiri out of shame, based entirely on a story that is a lie.


*The Red men are not included here because they are so few, just under 1% of the 313+ million people counted in the 2010 census.

**If you'll pardon the etymological pun, nice White people blanch at this kind of discussion of race, having been so thoroughly brainwashed.

PS, and for all you feminists out there, try removing all the males and see what happens.


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