Sunday, September 15, 2013

You go, girl

 "Feminism allows women’s worst tendencies to flourish like weeds."

Canadian blogger (and woman) Sunshine Mary.



Anonymous said...

Your 12-faced Godhead is too interesting for me to ignore. Using Jung's convenient 12 Common Archetypes as a guide, I think we could hammer out the 5 goddesses. Let's nail down the gods to reduce clutter
1. The Father is obviously the Ruler/King archetype
2. The Warrior is very obviously the Hero/Warrior archetype
3. The ShamanHealer is again obviously the Magician/Shaman archetype
4. The PoetSinger is the Creator/Writer archetype
5. The Trickster is the Jester/Fool archetype
6. Farmer is trickier- the Everyman/Worker archetype, perhaps?
7. Hunter is difficult- the image of freedom, wandering, and autonomy suggests the Explorer/Wanderer archetype

Which leaves us:
1. The Innocent/Saint archetype: right conduct, hope, innocence- Maiden?
2. The Caregiver/Parent archetype: care, protection, compassion- Mother?
3. The Sage/Philosopher archetype: truth, intelligence, wisdom- Crone?
4. The Lover/Spouse archetype: intimacy, passion, commitment- Lover?
5. The Rebel/Misfit archetype: revolution, revenge, scandal, anarchy- Harlot?
Make the Lover and the Harlot a sibling duo?

That's as close as I can get it. Seeing as Jung is/was your bread and butter, you may have a better idea of it.


OreamnosAmericanus said...

This is just an on-the-fly thought experiment for me, so I haven't got a lot of interest in fleshing it out at the moment. But press on, young man!

I did note a problem with the 7 male/5 female count. Cuts down on the number of goddesses to mate with!

Anonymous said...

Perhaps a couple of the gods are more interested in each other than in the goddesses? ;)


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