Tuesday, September 10, 2013


PJ Lifestyle » Does Buddhism Require You To Be a Liberal?:

Boodism is the preferred religion, uh, I mean spiritual practice of the SF Cool people. No one has a bad word to say about it. Of course for most of its cool practitioners, it's really just a form of coolness. Dolly L is its cool mindlessness icon.

This particular writer, a non-Liberal Bood, has good things to say about the "idiot compassion" of Boulder Buddhists, etc and actual compassion.

Ever But ever since reading the classic What The Buddha Taught, by a Theravedan monk-scholar, oh, decades ago back in Canada, I have had great respect for Buddhist psychology, which understands well how much of our unhappiness is a stubborn refusal to accept reality.

As a religion, however, as admirable as it seems in some ways, it is driven by a desire for oblivion. The Buddhist world ultimately has no purpose. Reincarnation, which cool Westerners think is some kind of reprieve from the One Chance Only religions of the West, is for its native believers in the East the ultimate nightmare. And escaping from it --one more unsatisfactory existence after another, endlessly-- is the driving motive behind Buddhism. Not appealing to Ex C.

But Mr Martin's description of the Four Noble Truths is both colloquial and accurate. And it's a real rarity to meet a Bood who is not utterly and predictably cool.

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Anonymous said...

Buddhism's psychology is interesting, and even has valid points, but Nirvana, final oblivion, cessation of existence, terrifies me. The nearest thing in Catholicism I can think of is "requiam aeternam," and even that doesn't mean termination of one's existence. If I remember Benedict's thoughts correctly, Hell is final death. So not something I want to experience. Not that I could, anyways, on account of no longer having a consciousness to experience things with.

Remarkable that liberalism can infect any religion with its moralistic biddyism. Like the symbiote from Spider Man, except liberalism would be pink-and-rainbow colored.


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