Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Must be someone else's fault

Wide racial gap persists in education testing | The Columbus Dispatch:
"Disparities between races have existed across the country since schools were physically divided by race, researchers say, but many now view those gaps largely as a product of high poverty among minorities. 
In Ohio, though, wide race gaps persist even on a level economic field. 
Average passing rates among affluent white students last year topped those of affluent black students by 16 percentage points. Poor, white students outperformed black students from poor and wealthy families."

Vaughn Bell, a Westerville parent who revived a defunct group for black parents last year, said. “I do believe that schools are failing our African-American students.”

It must be somebody else's fault or everything we've been required to believe for the last 50 years might not be true...

And that can't be true, can it?


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Anonymous said...

Shattering illusions and abandoning long-held assumptions is always difficult. Leaving the Church was not easy for me. And now I'm struggling with whether or not I'm an apostate to paganism!

Speaking of misconceptions, have you heard about the gay writer who did research into the Matthew Shepard murder? He turned up a lot of stuff that got quickly buried after his death, whether intentionally or otherwise. The Left has been screaming that this is obviously "conservative trutherism"... except it isn't. The writer had done 13 years of research to write a screenplay for a Matthew Shepard movie that was initially going to be sympathetic.

So now the picture of the killing has gone from brutal gay-bashing to a drug-fueled drug deal gone wrong, with a possible lovers' spat thrown in for good measure. I'll wait until the information crystalizes, but it would not shock me that Shepard's gay friends pinned the murder on homophobia due to their own convictions, and the left-wing media ran with the misconception to further a "noble goal." A lie promoted for the sake of another lie. Surreal.


OreamnosAmericanus said...

The Narrative is what's important, no matter what the facts may say.

I want to know who to blame for the racist fact that North Asians and Jews consistently outperform Whites on these tests.

I believe our schools are failing our Euro-American children!

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