Wednesday, September 18, 2013

No White spaces allowed. Ever. Anywhere.

University of Alabama students march in wake of Greek system segregation controversy (photos, tweets) |

A perfect example of how the word and concept of "racism" actually functions. And why it must be ridiculed and rejected as the exact modern equivalent of "witchcraft."

Anyone who accepts "multiculturalism" as a value must also assess any all-White space as essentially defective, pathological or criminal. Only the presence of "People of Color" grants Whites temporary stay of execution, on sufferance.

Whites: The Most Foolish People On The Planet. (C)

*Is it rude to wonder why segregation by gender is allowed if segregation by race is not?

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Anonymous said...

A couple thoughts.

1. In regards to Ms. Paglia, for whom my admiration has grown immensely, her observation that paganism seems to be endemic served only to strengthen my conviction that polytheism, or a unitarian polytheism at least (not sure what the term for it is) is the natural and correct form of worship. My Catholic objection to accusations of "saint" worship are obviously less strident now-adays, so yes, I can see where the Evangelicals are coming from. And frankly, I think their a little silly for not getting in on the fun.

2. I think Mark Steyn is correct that America is the equivalent of the Hapsburg dynasty, and we are entering our debauched twilight years. Russia gets the last laugh after all. Get me into contact with Jack Donovan, it's time to start working on a homo-friendly fascist state.

3. The Yahweh problem has been bugging me for a while, but I think I have a solution: Yahweh is the Twelve, with the Father acting as spokesman. Hence the heavy legalistic side. Jesus was the combined Twelve (and the Stranger?) made fully human, which fits: a man who exhibited traits of all Thirteen. My primary personal roadblock to this enterprise has now been removed; the Twelve and Death are Yahweh, Yahweh is the Twelve and Death.


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