Sunday, September 08, 2013

Moral Dis-Armament

There used to be a group called Moral Re-Armament. What Liberalism really should be called is Moral Dis-Armament.

My theme of late, centered around "racism" as witchcraft, is that Liberalism's list of evils, all its phobias and isms and privileges, take ordinary perceptions, observations, attitudes, beliefs and behaviors in regard to certain groups (only) and demonizes and pathologizes them. The false construct "racism" is evidence for Liberalism of both moral corruption and cognitive insanity. It forbids them, rules them out of court, declares them anathema. And where possible criminalizes them. Only stupid and evil people refuse to see the great truth that, despite all evidence to the contrary, all races are equal.

For anyone who accepts the existence of the ism or phobia as a reality, rather than the emotional weapons that they are, they buy into the entire set of assumptions behind and in them.

By making critical or hostile attitudes, beliefs or behaviors in regard to non-White races by Whites --no matter how factual-- into a phantom called "racism", a combined thought disorder and moral crime, Whites are morally disarmed in relation to those other races. Whites may not, ever, hold beliefs or attitudes or enact behaviors which are critical of or hostile to those other races.

Liberal dogma requires us to believe that there are no non-White racial or ethnic groups which are disruptive, dangerous, or inimical to White people or do not belong living among them. None. They do not exist. And if you think they do, you are both deluded and evil. That is, a "racist."

All these groups have a fundamental right to preserve their cultures and ways of life, no matter what they are or where they are. You, however, do not.

And if the evidence, say, of Black criminality is too overwhelming to ignore, then the White must ascribe blame for such behavior to causes outside the Black demographic, usually to some kind of White mischief or crime.

Once you accept that any of these isms and phobias are real, that distancing, critical or hostile beliefs, attiudes or behaviors towards these groups is always both erroneous and immoral, then you are in a constant state of defensive anxiety, trying to avoid losing a game that is already stacked completely against you. If you are White and a Gentile, especially if you are male, then you are always just a whisper away from being Hitler.

What is called "racism" --distancing, critical or hostile beliefs, attitudes or behaviors by Whites in relation to non-Whites-- is the blanket pathologization (or to follow the witchcraft metaphor, demonization) of beliefs, attitudes and behaviors that may in fact be wholly rational and wholly justified.

But because an oppressor group has no moral standing in Liberalism in the first place and may never act on its own behalf or publicly assert its own self-interest, these realities must be consigned to the fantasy hell of "racism". Denying them is the price of tenuous admission to the society of "decent" people. Asserting them excommunicates you and condemns you to the pyre.

The same is true with all the other superstitious mind control memes of Liberalism, which also determines which beliefs, attitudes and behaviors are forbidden and which are mandated in regard to women, gays, Muslims, illegal immigrants, Jews, gypsies "Romas", trans-genders,etc.  These become Sacred Tribes who must never be offended by you, whom you must placate and praise at all times. Any evidence to the contrary must be denied or must be condemned as "hate."

This also shapes the real meaning of Whites, men, heterosexuals, Christians, native citizens, Gentiles, etc. as fundamentally oppressive. The intellectual and moral task of these groups is to prove that they are not, by self-critique, self-hatred and self-erasure in the face of "those less well off than themselves."

These supposed evils are all intellectual, perceptual and moral implants designed to dis-arm the targeted group so that it simply surrenders to the Liberally favored group and in the process, feels morally satisfied in colluding with its own downfall and suicide.


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