Monday, September 23, 2013

Adios, Dex

Final episode of Dexter, ending eight years.


The final episode reminded me of the ending of Big Love. A surprising and touching close --which it was-- then muddied by an even more surprising and ill-fitting mini-epilog.

I knew someone important had to die for the ending, but thought it would be an either/or. As it turned out, Dexter has to kill Deb -a mercy killing- and then takes her out to bury her at sea as the hurricane approaches. He turns and drives his boat into the dark clouds and the roaring waves. I thought he was gone, too. That was moving.

But no. Everyone thinks he's dead, including Hannah and Harrison making a new life in Argentina without him. And then the 30 second reveal that he's now a lumberjack somewhere in the Pacific Northwest, solitary and broken... Well, that I could have done without.

His one voiceover line worth remembering, that for so long he had wished he could be like other humans, and now he was --feeling everything: love, fear, pain, loss, guilt-- and all he wanted was to stop it and go back. Welcome to the race, Dex!

A great character, an actor I loved to watch. I'll miss him.



Anonymous said...

Never seen the show, don't worry, I scrolled past the spoilers! Michael C. Hall has always caught my eye. He has this interesting combination of youthful and mature, playful yet intense. And ginger. At least based on looks, good boyfriend material. Seems like a cuddler. :)

Wasn't he the gay son in Six Feet Under? How was he in that?


OreamnosAmericanus said...

He did a very good job and played a very different character: a fearful and OCD kinda guy.

He's in a new movie with Daniel Radcliffe about the Beat Generation.

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