Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Irkel = Breckboy?

Yeah, I know it's rude. So? It's my blog.

If Obama were not half-African, would he be significantly different at all from John Edwards, except for his smaller house and better teeth?

So isn't his real calling card his color?

Joe Biden put his huge foot in his even huger mouth with his comments on how the man was clean and nice-looking and articulate*, a real storybook black candidate...a real credit to one of his races...but I think he told the truth: liberal white Americans are dying to vote a black man, or woman, into the White House as reparation, atonement, self-abasement, final proof of racial innocence, moral narcissism, etc...and the pack of black leaders with national clout floating around is none too appetizing. Jesse? Al? (Thank you, God, for sending us someone we aren't privately appalled by!)

Was the comment insulting and stupid? Of course. But sometimes Psyche just puts her lips together... and blows.

*The rejected opinion about Blacks lying behind this compliment is, of course, that normally they are dirty, unattractive and inarticulate.

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