Friday, February 16, 2007

I'm not being judgmental...really

As part of the continuing Liturgy of Sanctum Effluvium here at the Sacred Order of Codgers, Coots, & Curmudgeons, I would like to say that I am so effing tired of people erasing themselves by saying, "It's just a preference, not a judgment."

On one of the online sites I very occasionally visit ;-), where man-loving-men cybercongregate (and that's not a slap at women, or being exclusionary or's just a preference) exchange recipes, ideas for window treatments, discuss the latest on Michel Foucault, and how to best eat Snickers bars...well, there's lots of discussion of what guy-A likes and wants, and often what he doesn't...and aside from the blessedly testy dawgs who just tell you to line up and meet their requirements or drop dead, there's acres of apologetic, "don't mean to make a judgment" crappola.

So make a judgement. Make ten.

Who the hell cares?

As if it would make any difference.

Why did God give you a brain...just so you could turn it off...or keep it running silent and lie about it?

And next time you tell someone that you don't like judgmental people...
get a clue, Sherlock...that's a judgment.

Such pussies.

(Hell, even pussies make judgments. Ask any straight man who's tried to visit one!)


And while I'm at many of these non-judgmental homos, when they want to get all nuptial and stuff, despite the express will of the electorate in the face of their inability to make a convincing argument, run off to get their cookie from...who(m)?

A judge!

And that's the morning-coffee rant from, as a charming man recently called me, "you little right-leaning, dude, you". ;-)

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