Sunday, February 18, 2007

Another story of the soul

"Divinity tempted,

unrest stirring among the blessed Aeons,

God's erring wisdom, Sophia,

falling prey to her own folly

wandering in the void and darkness of her own making

endlessly searching, lamenting, suffering, repenting,

laboring her passion into matter,

her yearning into soul;

a blind and ignorant Creator,

believing himself the Most High,

and lording it over the creation,

the product, like himself, of fault and ignorance;

the Soul, trapped and lost

in the labyrinth of the world,

seeking to escape but frightened back

by the gatekeepers of the cosmic prison,

the terrible Archons;

a Savior from the Light beyond

venturing into the nether world,

illumining the darkness, opening a path,

healing the divine breach:

a tale of light and darkness,

of knowledge and ignorance,

of serenity and passion,

of conceit and pity,

on the scale not of man

but of eternal beings

who yet are not exempt from suffering and error".

Hans Jonas 1957

Preface to The Gnostic Religion, p.xiii

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