Saturday, January 03, 2015

361 More Reasons

not to give a shit about Trayvon, or the Ferguson thug, or the NYC jerk or any of the other Soap Opera/Passion Play frauds that are supposed to make me wince with moral pain at "racism."

Online Memorial: Black on White murders in 2014:

Present Tally: 361

Hold Up/Hate Crime/Thrill Kill: 173*
Pizza Shop: 5
Cab Driver: 6
Police Officers Killed: 9
Home Invasion: 61
Killed By A Friend: 20
Killed while providing charity: 2
Femicide: 50**
Femicide Related: 14***
Killed by boyfriend’s brother: 2
Killed by son/daughter: 2
Killed by female in-law: 1
Killed by foster child: 1
Killed by foster parents: 1
Criminal Vehicular Homicide: 13****

The site owner has asked such powerful groups as the Southern Poverty Law Center for listings of Blacks who have been killed by Whites (while not in commission of a felony). No answer. So far, he has been able to discover



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