Friday, January 23, 2015


The ground of multiculturalism, that all cultures are equal --except Western culture, which is irredeemably bad-- is beside the point. Arguing about it is a pointless circularity.

The question is not a comparison of goodness or worth, but of compatibility.

And clearly all cultures are not compatible, especially not in close proximity. The incompatibility results in destruction and death.

Who in their right mind would try to make a single "nation" out of Pakistanis and Japanese, out of Han Chinese and AustroAborigines, out of Zulus and Icelanders?

That is why it is outrageous and immoral that there are Somalis in Minnesota and Muslims in France.

A French identitarian spokesman described the current state of his country thusly, "The so-called multicultural paradise has become a multiracial hell."

And why it is a fatal waste of time to continue to make-believe that the descendants of the European peoples and the African peoples will some day arrive at equality and compatibility within the same political territories.

PS. Since we are still within the Octave of the Solemnity of St Martin Luther King, Savior of America, it's worth noting the assessment of another Evil White Male that aforesaid Saint is not an American hero, much less a White one, but is the national father of another race and people, alien and hostile. Which is ExC's current position.

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