Thursday, January 08, 2015


Every society has its sacred cows, or prophets, or groups. To insult them, or even to show them insufficient deference, through speech, is blasphemy. Violation of the sacred by action is called sacrilege.

Islam is the most prominent and obvious contemporary example. You insult their prophet and you get mowed down. This is a clear and continuous teaching from old Mohammed himself.  Islam functions on an honor/shame system. Insults are capital crimes. The old, and now discarded, 'sticks and stones' philosophy of the West has no place there.

But just because a society declares itself non-religious (like our current enlightened West) or anti-religious (like the Marxist hellholes) does not mean it dispenses with punishment for blasphemy and sacrilege. Every society recognizes the sacred. Some, like ours now, avoid the religious terminology but act just like pious true believers in every place and time.

Our most sacred cows are feminist-approved women (in which case the phrase sacred cow is often literally true); very lately, the feminist-subsidiary of the LGBTs, especially, in the last ten minutes, the T's and, of course, the Archetypal Sacred Victims: the Blacks and other colored persons persons of color...except Asians who are successful.

Fail to defer to them (by microagression or refusal to support any of their projects du jour) or uttering blasphemous phrases in describing them will bring you the punishment due to unbelievers.

In traditional Judaism, YHWH,  the proper Name of God could not be pronounced saved by the High Priest and by him only on one day of the year, in the Temple. They substituted the word Adonai, or Lord, whenever YHWH occured in the text. It was "The Y-word.'

For us, the truth of what we are supposed to hold sacred is similarly contained in the words we are not allowed to speak, but may only refer to, in hushed and shamed tones: above all, "the N-word."* And in reference to females, "the C-word."

Blasphemy or sacrilege in regard to the Liberal sacred does not typically bring death, as such crime does in the robust and testosteronian religion of Islam. But it does bring public shaming, excommunication and shunning. It requires public penance and humiliation. It can also mean economic or professional death. Ask Paula Deen about that.

So while we are rightly revolted by the Charlie Hebdo murders, we should not think of ourselves as entirely Other to the Mohammadan savages. Were Charlie Hebdo changed into a publication that insulted Ns and Cs, or otherwise had truck with "racism" and "sexism" or, God forbid, "transphobia", we would cluck our tongues piously and wish down on them the (generally) bloodless wrath of our open-minded and liberal culture. The more fervent among us might even doxx them and let Social Justice take its course.

*Unless you're Black, of course. Then you can say "Nigger" all day till the sacred cows come home.
Which simply reinforces my point.


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