Thursday, January 01, 2015

The Hobbit movies

Too many of them and too long, but the most impressive thing, aside from all the typical Tolkien male bonding, was this:

The Elf King on his great elk.


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Anonymous said...

The movies dragged for me. Far too little of the title character outside of the first film. Some great acting moments sprinkled throughout, but the films seemed too enthralled with the same CGI the last trilogy worked so hard not to rely on.

Richard Armitage did a fine job as Thorin. "One I could call 'King,'" indeed. He did a great job of capturing the tragedy of the character, from a noble leader safeguarding the wellbeing of his people to an obsessive tyrant whose lust for gold and blood doomed him and those he cared about. The Elf King reminded me of David Bowie's character from that Jim Henson 80s movie, almost a caricature of a Tolkien Elf.


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