Monday, January 05, 2015

My DarkSide still lives

No surprise. At least not to me.

Reading Chateau Heartiste, the uber-blunt and dazzlingly well-written straight guy site "where pretty lies perish," I read this remark by a Russian playboy millionaire in his indulgent regard to all the gold-digging women in his life:

"What could they ever, ever take from us (that) we didn’t actually let them?” 

And that, o ye legions of XCathedra readers, is the sad and awful truth of Western civilization in its suicidal decline.

When it comes to every accusing and complaining Sacred Victim Group who started out with "We only want to be treated fairly" and ended up, after a long list of surrenders and appeasements open-minded and tolerant changes to law and culture, with "Your H8ful bigoted ass is grass, evil oppressor!", this has been the shocking and insane reality:

"What could they ever, ever take from us (that) we didn’t actually let them?” 


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