Wednesday, July 22, 2015

In case you were wondering

An oldy goody from a few years ago. Ann Coulter's "Adios, America" actually focuses on the evils of legal immigration as much as illegal. The Third Worlders who come here by law are, she says, no day at the beach. The romance of immigration has long outlived the reality. It needs to stop and be reversed. As the young Identitarians in France say on their banners, Remigration!

Although B votes for Democrats and I loathe Democrats, we hardly ever discuss politics. He is in some ways, by temperament and culture, rather more conservative than his voting pattern. Compared to his professional cohort of post-secondary teachers, he is a rank troglodyte. But when I start talking about illegal immigration, he virtually hangs up the phone. Fair enough. I feel the same way when he talks about crop rotation or Rigoberta Menchu.

Anyway, just to remind my dozens of readers about why this issue makes me nuts, a reprint:

Seven reasons why the contemporary Hispanic invasion of immigration to America is bad. Bad. Bad.

Illegality: How can it be a good thing for us if your first literal contact with us is breaking our laws? It is an aggressive act of disrespect. It is home invasion on a national scale. Left unpunished, (and now even rewarded) it promotes contempt for us and makes our sovereignty a joke. Plus, it insults people who are dumb enough to use the ordinary immigration process. These Hispanics are illegal and they are alien. As the queens say, Deal with it.

Enormity: tens of millions of illegals gives the problem serious demographic magnitude, as well as having huge costs in money, crime, social dislocation, etc.

Homogeneity: the single linguistic bloc makes them very powerful and influential, allowing both a split of the US into a bilingual country and continuous resident populations who speak an alien language.

Proximity: for Mexican illegals especially, the great majority, the closeness of the home country prevents assimilation and allows diffident, sometimes frankly hostile, relationship to America.

Hostility/Balkanicity: with the history of race-conscious ill-will between the USA and Mexico, this massive group of illegal Hispanics superheats the Balkanizing of our country into inimical ethnic tribes and will tip the scales that make Whites a minority in our own land.

Insecurity: Post-MLK America (White America) has utterly surrendered its moral self-confidence and any hope of the decreasing White majority asserting itself to foreign immigrants. The rot of multiculturalism has eroded a common Anglo culture that once might have required adaptation from these invaders, if not supported their expulsion.

Futurity: Although many first-generation illegals may be more focused on work and money, with clear experience that a hard life in America is way better than the insecure dead-end hovels they fled, their children born here, who will mostly not excel, will see what they don't have and how they don't belong in either place. Nothing good comes of this new alienated underclass, who will learn the culture and tactics of endless grievance from the Blacks.

Put 'em all together. It's not pretty. Not pretty at all.

There's a reason 
that the flag of the post-American Commonwealth
--where "multiculturalism" would be a dirty word--
is bordered in blood red.
In a reversal of the Communist style,

you'd be free to leave at any time,
but trying to get in without permission
would get you shot.

PS. These seven disasters are not the only reasons why MexAmerica is a dead-end. Another is that their presence and eventual amnesty --do you really expected the feckless GOP to hold out forever?-- will cement the dominance of the Democrats. One more Obama after another. Forever.


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