Thursday, July 16, 2015

More vibrant enrichment from Islam

Some Mohammedan jihadist created what the governor of Tennessee dicklessly called "an unfolding senseless tragedy" by gunning down four Marines in Chattanooga.

Of course, as General Casey said after the still-not-executed Muslim officer Malik killed 13 on an army base where they are not allowed to carry weapons...

(When I write this stuff I can't even believe it)

...the real "tragedy" would be if it hurt our commitment to erase ourselves under a global sea of hostile human garbage Diversitah.

This is not rocket science. You don't fill your country with hostile aliens and then excuse all their bad behavior while they destroy it.  And Ex Cathedra is the extremist crazy guy? Really?

God, I'd hang so fucking many of them.

And I don't just mean the alien criminals. I mean the "American" collaborators. Especially.

A great start on a border wall, doncha think?


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