Sunday, July 19, 2015

Knee jerk response

One of my predictable responses, doubtless connected to my biography, is that I reject any idea or group that appears to require men to act as if they were angels.

Despite the often angry tone of Ex Cathedra, I am actually pretty pro-human. I joke that my friends B (not Mr B) and T, my ex, who both vote for Democrats and profess very high-minded morals, would, if given the chance, depopulate the planet of humankind. I, moderate that I am, would only hang about 30,000.

My mixed view of Christianity and my unmixed view of Liberalism is that both of them --Liberalism far more toxically, being a cancerous version of Christianity-- require inhuman virtue of human beings.


1 comment:

-A said...

Indeed. The difference is that Liberalism just gave up in the middle and redefined what angelic really meant. Lazy Calvinist boy fuckers.


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