Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Love is a Sore Winner

Love Wins.

My gay clients have decided to celebrate the Supremes' creation of a right to genderless marriage by sharing with me how degraded and corrupt the Court is because it was only 5-4, and how awful and horrible people are who do not celebrate this new form of legal contract.

The very existence anywhere of people who refuse to agree with them is a gnawing wound. Intolerable for the Tolerant.

They win a battle they should never have won on constitutional grounds and in the magnanimous loving way, have to prove what sore winners they are.

If they had any idea...


Another theme of the day: trashing traditional Christian areas of the country, whence some of these folks hail and two paragraphs later bemoaning the crime and crazy homelessness of San Francisco.
Failure to realize that the high-trust long-functioning areas these folks fled do not have the crime and crazy of SF precisely because they are traditional Christians and SF has its insoluble crime and crazy problem precisely because it's not.


Oh, and speaking of sore winners.

In the gym locker room I walked into the middle of a loud public discussion between one of the very gay staff and a member. Member is at least my age but a very well-kept mesomorph of indeterminate sexual orientation.

Staff: Well, that's the good kind of Christianity.

Member: Is there such a thing as a good kind of Christianity?

Staff: I have some Christian friends who are really nice. Really Christian, you know.

Member: When people say to me, I have some friends who are Jewish, I answer, So do I, my mother and father.

Staff launches into discourse on distinction between Jews (who don't hold other people to their moral standards and are live and let live) and Israelis, apparently not so admirable.

At this point I leave.

I feel my usual response to the arrogance of the Ungrateful Jew, --of whom the archetypes are Alinsky-Zinn-Chomsky--who feels free to trash the religion of the country that has been most welcoming in history to his people and where they enjoy huge wealth and immunity, exercise galactically disproportionate political and cultural power....and still play the victim when they feel like it.

A lot of Jews are under the impressing that what they call "anti-Semitism" is some groundless demonic disease whose only root can be envy of their goodness.  Might occur to some of them that they have a hand in provoking it? Case in point above.

Can you imagine a switch in convo, with Mr Gentile Christian asking rhetorically in this locker room, Is there a good kind of Judaism?

Holocaust! Holocaust!


Anonymous said...

Well, it sounds like things have been very eventful for you. No matter how much the left in general gets, it will never be enough. They will never convince the people they really want on their side, or at least to have on their notches of converts, of the merits of their way of thinking. They will never have real objective proof or external validation of what they know deep down to be bullshit. They are implacable.


AL N LA said...

Yes, there is something truly infantile about most of the victim groups and they are unappeasable. As Anonymous said, they know "on some level" that their claims are bullshit and that not all things are equal - some outcomes are inherently more desirable than others.

DrAndroSF said...

The Left is essentially parasitic. Leftism produces nothing but regulation, taxes and social conformism. So it must always, as you guys note, seek new targets and its every victory is just another occasion to complain and whine about the next oppressive structure which must be taken down. There can be no negotiation with them, since, like Muslims, they see every failure of force as a sign of weakness.

Really, I'm coming to the opinion that once Liberalism passes a certain point, the only cure for it is Fascism.

That's why, if I didn't think it would get my windows broken and my lease terminated, I'd hang a Confederate flag outside my window on July 4th.

Anonymous said...

Well, you could always move to Dixie! I hear the gays love Atlanta! Incidentally, there is a bit of a market for therapists.


DrAndroSF said...

Thanks for the invite...alas, I am ensconced here. My therapy license is Californian and they are not easily transferable. I tried to get grandfathered into the new MFT license in NY state a few years ago but they basically made it impossible.

Funny how all the state therapy organizations --whose members are vastly liberal and therefore in favor of the Federal government overriding any local aberrations from The Narrative-- are fiercely local and federalist (in the traditional sense) when it comes to their pocketbooks.

And then, of course, there's Mr. B. Ain't leavin' him any time soon.

As Henry IV said, if Paris is worth a Mass, then California is worth Mr B.

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