Tuesday, July 21, 2015


Again, if half of what Coulter writes in Treason is true, the rot is far older than the 60's. 

Strange confluence of Mayflower WASPs and Ashkenazi Jews supporting Stalinism. 

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-A said...

Yep. All the way back to the Revolutionary War. We never should have turned against the King just because a gaggle of uppity Gentry thought they could do better. We should have at least entertained the idea of having a Viceroy and having that Viceroy eventually becoming an independent Monarch who would then have directed Western Expansion and created Ethnic Regions, just like in England. Then again, I do not know who is more competent and managing such an arrangement, the English or the French. Not only would there have been many more wars between the English and the French (and Louis the XVI won the biggun for all the good it did him) but the French could have wound up winning more territory. HOWEVER, the Prussians and the English could have been in such a position as to aid the Sun Dynasty in their civil war(not that anybody would ever call it that today) and there would have been a truly multi-European quilt across the Americas just like there once was in the Orient for a much longer amount of time. No matter how much it might offend the patriotism of Unionists the fact remains, Monarchies lead to more success in society and democracies are just better at covering up the dysfunction because they cannot admit, by their nature and political assertions in and of themselves, that such things can exist without the will to do harm from someone with an unjust advantage. Monarchy sees advantage as the natural thing that it is and only seeks to enforce Noblesse Oblige. Much simpler and much more effective.

p.s.~ I am aware that it was not all America's fault, it was England's fault as well. I was just oversimplifying to be a little bit self-righteous. I am a Europhile and a Cavalier to my core. There was much dysfunction in Europe that started with the Magna Carta. It is unfortunate but, if the King were kept better abreast of what was going on and was not so dismissive of the Southrons, there likely would have been much less revolt in the first place. Massachusetts Bay Colony needed European aid to make their powergrab. Even their bastard children of the Union will never admit this, though. Such a thing would likely give them all a stroke considering all of the trigger warnings they all need.


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