Thursday, July 16, 2015

Clerical jokes

A very orthodox RC priest whose blog I sometimes read has been having a very rough time maintaining his reverent attitude toward the See of Peter due to the antics of its incumbent, Pope Evita The First.

A reader suffering from a bit of scrupulosity, unsure about unconfessed sins from a forgotten past, provoked from the Rev this example of how one ought to do it...

“Father, it’s been two weeks since my last confession. I failed to remember and confess that, in the time prior to my last confession, I did with willful intent, take up arms against the Sovereign Pontiff on two occasions; I consecrated five bishops without a pontifical mandate; and I stole three pennies from my mother’s purse; I used air conditioning…. Since my last confession, I have committed the following sins:…”
If you have not had the pleasure of reading Bergoglio's latest effort on global warming, Laudato si', you might not realize that he took one paragraph (#55) to inveigh against air conditioning.

Blurting out in his usual style, however, Papa Francesco The Cool, did say one unambiguously accurate thing to reporters of late, He Who Wills A New Global Economic Order:
In fact, the pope expressed “a great allergy to economic things,” explaining that his father had been an accountant who often brought work home on weekends. “I don’t understand it very well,” he said of economics, even though the issue of economic justice has become central to his papacy.

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God, what a buffoon.



-A said...

He admits to his lack of aptitude with money without an ounce if irony, I am sure. Of course he knows everything about what should be done for the poor without knowing anything about economics. That is always the way it goes with those types. Furthermore, isn't the Vatican the third largest banking entity in the world? Shouldn't he have some understanding of how his palace is funded?


Anonymous said...

This man has no understanding of economics, and yet he presumes to lecture us on how we should make economics compatible with his interpretation of Christian ethics, without regards for whether it's possible to do so, or how to do it? The arrogance. Spoken like a true Jesuit. They carry on like they know everything, when in fact they know nothing.

I have family ties to the Unionates, the Orthodox Christians who reconciled with Rome over the centuries. I'm starting to think they made a terrible mistake. Maybe the Orthodox are right, and the Pope is just one Patriarch among many who shouldn't be given any special heed. Every time this man opens his mouth, I sympathize with their position a little bit more.


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