Thursday, July 02, 2015

Personal Non-Political

I'm hosting a picnic tomorrow out near the Golden Gate Bridge.

The occasion is my dear friend L, who is coming into town for the gay wedding of her nephew and his Caribbean doctor-dancer boyfriend. She's bringing her longtime girlfriend (17 years?) and I am pretty sure they are planning their wedding now.

Participating will be my ex and his current beau of several years...7 years together?
Last time the subject came up, my ex was against gay marriage. He said gay men were
too immature to handle it. That what they really wanted was the wedding, not the marriage.

Plus my retired and single bodybuilder pal and his wolf-hybrid dog are coming.

And Mr B and me. (8 years in August).

All, whatever label they take or don't, fall to the homerotic side of the scale.

All but me vote constantly for Democrats, though one is a Green and does the Dems as lesser of evils, as I have done with Republicans always.

Two cisgender females and five cisgender males, plus a neutered male dog with a girl's name.
Except for the dog, a shameful lack of trans energy...So it'll be LBG but not T.

One Black (with streaks of Indian, Indonesian, Dutch and English), the rest quite White. (L's family came over on the Mayflower!)

Two non-practicing Catholics, one Christian atheist...don't ask..., a New Age shaman, a skeptic with Buddhist and AmerIndian sympathies, a Unitarian minister and an Episcopalian.

Two, at least, in earnest favor of gay marriage.

Two clearly against; maybe three.

Two others unknown but likely supporters or I-dont-give-a-damns.

I've known them from 30 years (L) to 8 years (Mr B).

Ages from 53 to 70.

This particular grouping has never happened before.

Wish us luck!



PNWReader said...

Sounds fun. I'm hoping for pics of the food and setup if not the people.

Anonymous said...

LUCK! I also wish to see the food. I want to know if you will be serving BLT's. Or will that be a bit too passe?


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