Saturday, July 11, 2015

Fighting styles

When I read online sites where Asian Caucasians dominate (Indians and Pakistanis, sometimes Arabs or Iranians) I notice that one of the recurring comebacks is to tell the interlocutor to go and educate himself because he lacks knowledge.  Not something you regularly hear among Euros as the first out of the box move.

On Jewish blogs, people tend to argue in paragraphs.

Watching yet one more Ebonic brawl video ( provides them for your cultural edification, along with a regular listing of diversity crimes), I note three recurring patterns: First, the protest that "You don't know me! You don't know anything about me!"  This is unique to Africans In America as far as I know. I have heard it quite often in these situations. Second, the choice of a fighting mantra which is repeated over and over and over, as in "You don't know shit!" shouted without pause during the whole tete-a-tete. And in the age of the smart phone, those taking the pictures --often males who watch groups of female in battle-- can be heard to repeat, over and over, "Oooooo! Oh, shit! Oh, shit." in a voice the expresses --to my Caucasoid ears-- both insincerely theatrical shock and guilty but genuine pleasure.

The vast majority of comments online, regardless of race or religion, either miss the point (which the commentor never intended to hear in the first place) or change the subject or do personal attacks and name-calling.

One phenomenon I note especially in UK sites where religion is involved is that large numbers of atheist trolls drop in to repeat their phrases about imaginary friends, desert gods and bronze age fairy tales.

A priest who taught me in high school said that if there was intelligent life outside our solar system, they would never come to earth because they would be advanced enough to intercept and see our television programs.

With the internet, we are probably ten times safer.

It really is the mosh pit of the planet.



Anonymous said...

I know I'm not the only one to notice this, but the way atheists talk, you would think that no Christians practice poetic interpretation of Scripture. They go on about bearded men in the skies, and talking animals, and all this stuff, and then they say, "That's ridiculous, how can anybody believe that happened?" But that's the thing; they construct a straw-man of Scripture because they don't understand it or think they know better. I don't think a majority of Christians accept a literal interpretation of the Bible, anymore than anybody accepts a literal interpretation of Aesop's fables.

Another thing that atheists fail to realize is that, despite their appeals to science and logic, to materialistic empiricism, they continuously go on about "morality." But they don't seem to realize that morality is utterly intangible, and there is no evidence that morality is universal like they claim. It's backdoor cryptotheism is what it is, an instinctive move to try and set something in the place of the God they've killed in their monumental arrogance (though they insist that those who "claim a personal friendship with the Creator of the universe," as they naively put it, are the arrogant ones).

If they were truly atheists, and not closeted theists who had a bad experience with Christianity, they would have to be total materialists, believing neither in morals nor any higher purpose. I've met folks like that. They were all inevitably drug users and alcoholics, talking as if they had a perpetual sneer at the futility of the world. The walking dead, without point or purpose. And people wonder why humans need a God.


-A said...

You have to believe in God in order to be mad at Him. That and the utter scientific illiteracy of these so called enlightened types has been a glaring sore thumb. "Who could ever believe that happened?" Bitch, who could ever believe in equality?

Georgia is a petri dish and the various groups around here have really made me savvy about their group psychologies. Let me put it this way, even in small town Georgia, there are both "American-Oriental" as well as authentic restaurants. Also, the smaller the town, the better the food. In most states, that is a physical impossibility. In most big cities, like Atlanta, there is only one really good restaurant surrounded by glossy crap-kitchens with a few novel dishes they plan on selling in bulk all day through office and home delivery orders. There will also be only the one authentic restaurant for the whole damn city. We have the whole damn rainbow down here and there is no pot of gold but, there is a lot of pot. Gold, hydro, kush, primo,skunk, hash: it is all over the place. And cheap.

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