Friday, July 24, 2015

Can't unsee it

I was describing to my pal Bill this morning how hard it is to find a film or TV show with a White male hero who is not directly or by proxy physically humiliated by a Phallic Female.

I never recall seeing a strong non-White male character subjected to this.*

The lack of this symbolic castration in Jurassic World, where Chris Pratt is an actual cowboy style alpha male, makes it worth seeing, just for that.

I first noticed it in Captain America and now cannot unsee it.

I was going to download Ant-Man, but the trailer proved me right and turned me off.

In real life, of course, these fantasy Phallic Females are rare indeed.

All part of the lies of the Potemkin Village we live in.


*Don't get me started on commercials. They are a whole nother circle of Hell.


-A said...

All eight fail, huh? Did they really want to be in the Marines anyway? Stupid bitches, what woman wants to grunt around with shit on their back in the sun and miles away from the nearest shower? Though, they are around all those nice muscley men. And male Marines are known to be rather passive sexually, which can be very gratifying.


-A said...

I should specify, gay Marines tend to be passive sexually so, God knows if that took any part in the decision making of the manjaws making powergrabs they can't make even with lowered standards...which cracks my funny bone.


DrAndroSF said...

I had a former-Marine buddy for a couple of years, quite extraordinary man in every way, a mass of ferocious muscle and equally ferocious intellect, who confirmed from his top position that this meme is generally true.

It lent some credence to my theory that because men are hierarchical by nature, that submission to a stronger male --within the tribe--is actually a masculine trait, not by itself a sign of effeminacy. Given the nature of hierarchies, from gangs to armies to monasteries to prisons, every male but the alpha must submit. It's the quality of the dominance-submission that's crucial. As in wolf packs, both betas and omegas recognize a stronger male power, but there's a world of difference between them.

I once had a fascinating set of in-person conversations with one of the most beautiful men I have ever met. He was a powerful and educated professional in his daylight life, but in sexual terms he thrived on submission to a master. He was quite clear --something which an outsider to his world could not see-- about the difference between submission --which is a bond-- and abuse, which is merely contempt.

The male soul. Endlessly fascinating.

-A said...

I agree and I have always found those posts of yours to be lovely. Very true in their observations and almost poetic in how much you truly honor the Male Soul.


DrAndroSF said...


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