Friday, July 24, 2015

Painfully accurate

Reading yet one more mainstream professional Republican commentator dumping on the "classless and vulgar" Donald Trump, a commentor pointed out that the GOP is attacking The Donald with far more vigor than they attack Barack.

Why I have always thought of them as feckless pussies.


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-A said...

That is of course, only when they are not begging for table scraps from their masters or running away from real talking points Trump offers up like scared little girls. They only strike from a distance. On top of all of this, they are prognosticating his failure, which is possible because Trump is likely not serious, while they offer up nothing to the people who are making him so damn popular. At the very least, Trump is waking people up. God knows if it will do any damn good at this point. We here at the Arch Diocese of St. Ex Cathedra do like our realism, even if we cannot live up to his perfect pessimism.


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