Friday, July 17, 2015

Re re action

It was back in February 2014 that I first posted about no longer feeling myself conservative, but "a half-assed reactionary."

Reading about a new book aimed at helping conservatives sell their message to "Americans," I find it all...well, naive. As if the US Electorate makes its voting decisions on the basis of considered ideas. As if ideas of "individual liberty" and "personal accomplishment" can compete with the tribal drums.

                                                                          2012 Electorate

And even when the paler segment of said electorate puts Republicans in legislative power, as in 2014,
the GOP always collapses and collaborates anyway.

To repeat myself, 90% of Romney's votes in 2012 were White. And they represented no more than 60% of the voting Whites. The other 40% were off kissing mulatto ass...again.

The only segment of the US at all open to conservatism --even in Romney's wimpy form-- are Whites. And White men especially.

The same White men who, while clearly the final target of every form of liberalism, still feel obliged to blather on about fairness and reason...the same "conservative" White men who agree the vengeful Ebonic hordes that erasing the Confederate flag is really a good thing.

Who think that writing books about "the conservative heart" will make a difference.

Reactionaries don't.


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