Monday, July 20, 2015

Catholic Nazi

I listened to a lecture today by an American libertarian economist on the theory and practice of economy under the fascist regimes of Italy and Germany in the 30's.

Some of it sounded like me. Some of it sounded like Catholicism.

Libertarians are rank capitalists. So the author was irritated that liberals call libertarians "fascists." Fascism, both German and Italian, was consciously anti-capitalist. Not sure about the Spanish brand, But, of course, that's the name the lefties give to anyone White they don't like.

I have explained the background behind this accolade. Since Leftists believe that Whites are intrinsically evil, they must be severely regulated by the government. Consequently, anti-totalitarian small government which maximizes individual liberty and restrains the State is actually "fascist" because it unleashes bad-behaving Whites. Who are "fascist." Because they are evil.


Since Fascism rejects also Communism, but still thinks highly of the collective good, it rejects the Marxist versions of confiscatory socialism --the State owns anything of value-- in favor of its own version, regulatory socialism: (most) private property remains in the hands of its owners, but the State controls how they actually use it. This is the US Democrat version, too.

I recently thought that what Libertarianism and Catholic Social Doctrine have in common is that neither of them are economic systems ever found in nature.


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