Monday, July 20, 2015

Eternal verities

Conquest's Second Law of Politics goes something like this:

The behavior of any bureaucracy can best be accounted for by assuming that it is actually controlled by a cabal of enemies hostile to the mission it is publicly supposed to serve.
In that uplifting spirit, if you track the performance and many of the utterances of Barry Hussein O, his behavior can best be accounted for by assuming that he is driven by a vengeful hatred against White America and the whole of the White West.  Cf. Dreams From My (Totally Absent and Abandoning) Father.

1 comment:

-A said...

Yep. He hates what he can never be, never be a part of, never emulate with an ounce of real success and never maintain. In fact, I am a little bit offended that it is assumed that he could ever play the violin (fiddle in Nero's story) even if it is a fitting metaphor but, I suppose I am just being childish.It happens from time to time.


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