Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Race is the key

Liberalism, or Progressivism, is Marxism in a multi-symptom time-release capsule version. Whereas classical Marxism aimed to solve the class problem, modern Liberalism aims to solve, well, pretty well every problem: race above all.

What to some has become my uncomfortable and obsessive focus on race derives both from the frankly proclaimed priorities of the Cultural Marxist Left --and no value of theirs is higher than hatred of Whites  multiculturalism-- as well as my observation of what the mechanisms of power are, especially over the last 50+ years. Race wins, hands down. It is the issue which drives, energizes and provides the model for all the others --gender after that, for sure--- as well as the wars  on wealth creation, on Christianity, on national sovereignty, on man in nature, on masculine violence.

If by some miracle, some Great Awakening, Whites --White men above all-- could be freed from the suicidal trance induced by "racism," the other issues might well crack and tumble as well. For at the heart of the Left Liberal Progressive religion --and a religion it is-- dwells the essential seed:

the intrinsic and ineradicable evil of Whiteness*. 

It has come to seem to me that, the war being what it is, that you are driven to two choices only: either to accept this dogma to your own destruction and that of your children, your people, your culture and civilization, or to reject it absolutely, root and branch, without moderation or nuance, and thus to become, willy-nilly, a proudly unrepentant and unregretful White. Aka, a racist-supremacist-nationalist-separatist istist...

Conservatives somehow still think a deal can be struck with the other side. Chamberlain did, too. Wars, however, don't give you many choices. And every sign I see reads the culture war as literal, not metaphorical, as literal as the Cold War was. Although its weapons are words and images rather than guns and bombs, its intent is identical. As Nikita K said, to "bury you." Using Huntington's taxonomy,  Liberals are not "antagonists, who are rivals but with whom negotiation is possible, but unrelenting enemies who will try to destroy us unless we destroy them first."

So you either have to resist and fight back with any means you have, or collaborate either out of treason or temporary self-interest, or surrender.

*I am tempted to write of White Males, since Western civilization is the creation of White Males, and because --in the wake of White Male surrender to the Rising Tide of DarkRace resentment-- White women have stabbed their men in the back with all the hysterias of feminism and largely turned their adoring gazes toward the barbarous and confident Men of Color.

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-A said...

By God, no matter how many times this is said to many, they just do not want to believe it because they are still scared of what could possibly have been their fault as a matter of immediate ignorance or as a matter of legacy. This in itself reveals the charges to be false but, this is not enough for them. It makes me sad, really. Especially when the man in question is handsome. I am a little shallow that way. Whenever I ask them:"So what if it's true?(it isn't) You were not there and you do not understand what it means to be in a position to conquer. What's done is done. We have, in the place of shit huts, beautiful cities and cultures to match." This makes me a monster but, I have learned to just assume that I will be called one to my face. This has done nothing to make me hesitant to speak this way unless there is a fragility present that I love and respect, and the need to speak in such a way is not immediate. Of course, there is only one person that comes to mind with this standard.

Oh well, such is life. I cannot change who I am anymore than I can change who someone else is. What has surprised me more is how many times I have been shown a kind of sympathy to my own viewpoint and how some have respected me for it. Why can't more people see that unless there is a very real gun to their heads that honesty is best? Why can't they be willing to defend themselves if things get out of hand? Then it dawns on me: most American White Males (AWM's...fuck Ohms) were brought up to be pussies. The only ones who were encouraged to be forward were the shit-disturbers. We have been encouraged to not have real or close friends and that shitty relationships based around tolerance alone are good. When other men who speak frankly are around, speaking their minds with their deep voices and Southern accents and stink of musk and beer and ripply muscles with a well manicured mustache atop luscious man-lips and often times a bald head that could flash signal a 747 in a black wife-beater and tight boot cuts...we just say they are racist and walk away, leaving them in the conversation we interrupted to call them racists so that we could continue ignoring the problem. Now excuse me, I have some things to go and take care of.


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