Sunday, July 19, 2015

Conflicted feelings

As critical as my attitude toward contemporary Christianity is, its failure is as much a source of sadness to me as anger. I feel similarly about America.

Some of the Angry Young (White) Men that I read are, as you might imagine, angry at, well, both.

There is a school of thought among them --and a school of name-calling--  that both Christianity and America have become champions of the corrosive anti-White/anti-male Liberalism as a natural unfolding of the poisonous universalism at their core. It's painful for me to contemplate.

Both Christianity and America* supported non-universalist cultures for the great majority of their existences. And the most clear-eyed and passionate of the Leftists have always named both Christianity and historic America as natural and implacable enemies of their project.

Orthodoxy, whose combination of nationalism and traditionalism have thus far protected it, stands out from the rest of Christendom, which has either fallen entirely (Western Protestantism) or has strategically compromised its ability to resist (Roman Catholicism).

Despite occasional disingenuous lip service to the demands of feminist women, Catholicism maintains the traditional doctrines on male and female difference, refusing either to ordain females or to accept genderless marriage.  On the racial question, both Romans and Reformed have turned traitor to their Western homelands and their White peoples. In which case, the male-female question will be moot.

An unformed thought.  Defensively, I resist the radical critique of the Angry Young White Men on grounds of this analogy: it makes as much sense to reject Christianity for its current liberal universalism as it does to reject healthy immune T-cells for being infected with HIV retrovirus and being used against the very body they were designed to protect. Or ordinary organ cells for turning cancerous. Blame the virus, not the cell.

On the other hand, once the cells are infected...


*Jefferson Davis, in his resignation speech from the US Congress, pointed out that the same Thomas Jefferson who penned the famous words "all men are created equal" in his Declaration of Independence also listed in his bill of indictment against George III, the promotion of "domestic insurrections" --aka slave revolts-- against the (White) colonists. TJ's accurate description of the Indians as "merciless savages" continues to rankle nice people. As ExC has noted before, the purpose of that very troublesome idea was not, obviously, its literal meaning but an argument against rule by hereditary royalty.


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